Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Latest Frames

Well, Stephanie and I decided to take a little break from the frames after our "holiday rush".  We were very pleased to be busy making frames, but for a month or so there, it seemed like all we were doing was going to work and coming home to make frames.  So, now that we've been somewhat re-energized we have made a few more frames that we'd like to share.

The black/rust colored frames have become a hit:

This was a custom frame order for one of Stephanie's friends.  The picture size is approx. 11 x 13 and the overall frame size is approx. 24 x 27.

This one is another special request for the rust/black color combo.  This one is a 5 x 7 picture size with overall size being about 15 x 17.

Stephanie has also been asked to make frames for a few different baby showers.  She has begun stenciling names onto the frames as requested, and in my humble opinion, she's done a fantastic job with it.

4x6 picture; 10x12 frame

4x6 picture; 10x12 frame

 5x5 picture; 15x15 frame

And the last frame is one that my sister requested I make for my niece, Madilynn, who is into purple and peace signs, so, here is what we came up with:

4x6 picture; 20x22 frame size

As usual, if you see something you like, please let us know.  We can customize any of our frames to any size or make an entirely unique frame however you'd like it.


Lori said...

Hi! I absolutely LOVE your frames! I just sent you an email about possibly hosting a giveaway for you. Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Yes, we received your message. Thank you! Right now, we are only creating frames that are pre-ordered...but if we get a chance to make up an extra or two, we will let you know. :)