Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Latest Frames

Well, Stephanie and I decided to take a little break from the frames after our "holiday rush".  We were very pleased to be busy making frames, but for a month or so there, it seemed like all we were doing was going to work and coming home to make frames.  So, now that we've been somewhat re-energized we have made a few more frames that we'd like to share.

The black/rust colored frames have become a hit:

This was a custom frame order for one of Stephanie's friends.  The picture size is approx. 11 x 13 and the overall frame size is approx. 24 x 27.

This one is another special request for the rust/black color combo.  This one is a 5 x 7 picture size with overall size being about 15 x 17.

Stephanie has also been asked to make frames for a few different baby showers.  She has begun stenciling names onto the frames as requested, and in my humble opinion, she's done a fantastic job with it.

4x6 picture; 10x12 frame

4x6 picture; 10x12 frame

 5x5 picture; 15x15 frame

And the last frame is one that my sister requested I make for my niece, Madilynn, who is into purple and peace signs, so, here is what we came up with:

4x6 picture; 20x22 frame size

As usual, if you see something you like, please let us know.  We can customize any of our frames to any size or make an entirely unique frame however you'd like it.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Holiday Market and Special Orders

With the busyness of school starting back for Steph, we haven't had too much time to work on frames.  We have, however, had a few special orders and a Holiday Market this weekend for which we made a few new frames and wanted to share the new designs with everyone.  Check out the frames below and if you see anything you like or if there's a special order we can help you with, please let us know.

Special order frames:
Off White with White Trim - Picture Size: 8x10; Frame Size: 14x16 - $50

Orange w/ Brown Trim - Picture size 8x10; Frame Size 19" x 21" - $65

Brown with Light Green Trim - Picture Size: 11 x 14; Frame Size: 20 x 17 - $85

Red w/ Brown Trim - Picture Size 8x10; Frame Size 21x19 - $65

Distress White - Picture Size: 5x7; Frame Size: 10x12 - $18

Red w/ White Cross Design & Brown Trim - Picture Size: 8x8; Frame Size: 22x22 - $75

Red Christmas Frame - Picture Size: 4x6; Frame Size: 9x11 - $15

Green Christmas Frame - Picture Size: 4x6; Frame Size 9x11 - $15

Holiday Market Display

Friday, June 18, 2010

Frames for South Main Sidewalk Sale

Turquoise and brown trim with fleur de lis - Picture Size: 6"x6", Overall Frame Size: 20"x20" - $65
Pink and white stripes - Picture Size: 5"x7", Overall Frame Size: 11"x13" - $35
White with baby blue dots - Picture size: 4"x6", Overall Frame Size: 10"x12" - $25
White with pink dots - Picture Size: 4"x6", Overall Frame size: 10"x12" - $25
Brown with green trim - Picture Size: 5"x7", Overall Frame Size: 15"x17" - $50
Memphis fan blue and white - Picture Size: 4"x6", Overall Frame Size: 10"x12" - $25
Vols fan orange and white - Picture Size: 4"x6", Overall Frame Size 10"x12" - $25
Zebra print with pink trim - Picture Size: 5"x7", Overall Frame Size: 19"x21" - $75

We can customize any frames to any color/size you might like, just let us know.  Feel free to contact us anytime with any questions you might have, our contact info is as follows:

 Ray - Cell - 901-827-4163; email - louisrbetts@hotmail.com
Stephanie - Cell - 901-484-2728;  email - stephmartindale@hotmail.com


Sunday, May 23, 2010

More picture frames

Well, we've finally had the time to get more frames done.  Hopefully with the longer days of summer here and more time to work on frames, we will be able to get some more out soon.  Here is the latest set of frames:

Mississippi State Frame - Maroon with White Trim - Picture Size: 4"x6", Overall Frame Size: 10"x12".  We are ready to do any team, just let us know your favorite!  Great for die hard fans or for the graduate soon to be heading off to college!

Black with White Trim - Picture Size: 4"x6", Overall Frame Size: 14"x16" - $40

Turquoise with Brown Trim - Picture Size: 6"x6", Overall Frame Size: 20"x20" - $60

Yellow with White designs and Brown Trim - Picture Size: 8"x8", Overall Frame Size: 22"x22" - $75

Green with Brown trim - Picture Size: 8"x8", Overall Frame Size: 18"x18" - $60

Rust with Black trim - Picture Size: 6"x6", Overall Frame Size: 16"x16" - $55

Remember, we can interchange any of the board sizes or trim styles and we can do any color and size you might want for custom orders. 

Our contact info is as follows:

Ray email: louisrbetts@hotmail.com
Stephanie email: stephmartindale@hotmail.com
Ray phone: 901-827-4163 

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or if you would like to place a custom order. 

Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Time to get started

We have finally decided to sit down and start our blog. I guess we should start by telling why we chose the name "Travel Home". Stephanie absolutely loves to travel, and I try to enjoy it as much as possible. Of course, most of my traveling is for work, so, it's not nearly as enjoyable as leisure travel. We've found that no matter what type of traveling we're doing, whether it be my work traveling or our traveling together for relaxation, there's always something we miss about home. It's ironic that even though we've put so much into planning a trip and we have so much fun on the trip, by the end of it, we always find ourselves ready to "Travel Home". We've spent our time making our house a home and it has undoubtably become just that, a place that we love to be.

As we have started making picture frames, our desire has become that others will use these frames in helping to make their house a home. Part of making a house a home, of course, is filling it with the things you love and the things that bring you comfort. For a lot of people this is done through pictures. You love family and friends and when you are unable to be with them you rely on pictures to fill that void. Pictures capture your best memories and you want to surround yourself with those wonderful moments. Our frames are not why you are traveling home, but they will hopefully hold the reasons for you to "Travel Home."

Here are some pictures of some of our first crop of frames. We have put the size and price of each frame below the picture, so, if you see anything that interests you, please let us know. Also, if you see a particular frame that you would like to have in a different color or size, we will be happy to make a frame to your custom order. We know that not everyone is in the Memphis area, so, we will gladly ship a frame to your home. Shipping rates will vary. Please let us know what size frame you like and where it needs to go, and we will be happy to give you a quote. We would like to thank you all for taking the time to visit our blog, we appreciate your support!

Rust With Black Trim - Picture size: 8"x10" Overall Frame Size:  18"x20" - $75

Brown With Blue Trim - Picture Size: 8"x8" Overall Frame Size:  18"x18" - $60

Light Blue w/Decorative Trim - Picture Size: 8"x10" Overall Frame Size: 14"x16" - $50

Green with Brown Rope Trim - Picture Size: 4"x6" Overall Frame Size: 10"x12" - $25

Light Blue with Brown Rope Trim - Picture Size: 4"x6" Overall Frame Size: 10"x12" - $25

Yellow with White Designs and Brown Trim - Picture Size: 6"x6" Overall Frame Size: 20"x20" - $65

Peach with Brown Rope Trim - Picture Size: 4"x6" Overall Frame Size: 10"x12" - $25

Just a reminder, we can customize a frame to any color or size that you prefer. Thanks Again!